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TMC was formed in 1986 by a group of model enthusiasts, some of whom are still both members and officers of the Management Committee. Thus there is a wealth of long experience and knowledge which is freely passed on to both new and old members.

Our current site is situated adjacent to Southmere Park Lake, Thamesmead and is part shared with horses, but even they have learnt about our flying activities and move out of the way!

Our Club Room is in Maren Way, Thamesmead and is open most Friday evenings. The majority of our member’s models are fixed wing, both Internal Combustion and Electric, but we do have Gliders, Helicopter and Drone enthusiasts.

Our members come numerous backgrounds and if you are considering the hobby please come along for a chat. Meet our Instructors before you purchase a model and the required radio system.

TMC is the only Club which has been invited to fly at the London City Airport Open Day.

Derek Boud (Chairman)

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