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Historically we are very much a "Fun and training" club formed in 1986 by a number of modellers, many of whom have been flying from our current site since the late 1970's.

Some of these members remain today flying, building and teaching new members the tricks of the trade while passing on their wealth of knowledge and experience either at the clubroom, on the field or via our monthly newsletter.

Our current flying site at Southmere Park is part shared, with grazing horses, just behind Southmere Lake.

For those of you with little or no knowledge of model flying, we are affiliated the governing body of our sport, the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and as such adhere to their insurance scheme and code of conduct etc., which governs the sport throughout the country.

As for our club, the vast majority of our models are fixed wing (aeroplanes) although a few members fly helicopters. We also have a small but growing contingent of electric flyers.

Since 1990 we have hosted Family Days, Open Days and currently we are the only model club that was invited to fly at the City Airport Open Day, a full size air show.

Our members come from various backgrounds, we are always looking for new members and pleased to welcome and help anyone starting off in this entertaining sport, we can do this by offering expert-flying tuition and advice at no extra cost other than your annual membership fee of course.

A Traditional Friendly Model Club